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Salem DSA Statement on Violent Repression of Black Lives Matter Protests in Portland

Salem DSA Chapter
July 18, 2020

The Salem chapter of Democratic Socialists of America denounces the repressive actions being carried out by the Trump administration in Portland, Oregon. The current use of unidentifiable federal agents to crack down on people protesting police terrorism in Portland follows several years of ICE activity and efforts by other law enforcement in the Portland area to intimidate and divide people of color, the Left, and working-class movements. Violence carried out by these forces has aided and incited violence by far-right and racist organizations.

The recent actions by the Federal authorities and the Trump administration are blatant attempts to suppress the rights of assembly and free association and are also attempts to silence those of us who fight against systemic racism and capitalism. These actions have built on so-called "anti-terrorist" investigations and actions that also violated Constitutional guarantees. ICE and other Federal agents should never have been deployed in our region. The Trump administration should immediately heed calls for withdrawing agents from Portland and our region, cover the costs of the damage done, apologize to all who have been detained, free all who have been detained and arrested, drop all charges, and clear arrest records.

The Salem Democratic Socialists of America demands that Federal repressive forces, including ICE, be withdrawn immediately from our region. We call for a broad democratic movement and a united front to challenge racist and political repression, build solidarity between progressive forces, carry out regional protests and interventions, vote out the Trump administration and all of its followers and supporters in November, and build the fights for freedom and democratic rights after November.