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Salem DSA Endorses Bernie Sanders and Mark Gamba

Chuck Wynns
March 1, 2020

Salem DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States, and Mark Gamba for the 5th Congressional District, currently held by anti-worker/anti- environmental/anti-immigrant Democrat, Rep. Kurt Schrader. Salem DSA’s endorsement of Bernie and Mark Gamba were unanimous due to the stances Bernie and Mark are taking on the crucial issues in the 2020 election campaign. Salem DSA is actively working on behalf of Bernie and Mark through canvassing, phone calls and public events.

Most people know what Bernie Sanders stands for; for instance, Medicare for All, free higher education, the Green New Deal, the Workplace Democracy Act allowing workers and their unions to organize and fight on a level playing field, a $15 minimum wage, an end to the school to prison pipeline, a sane immigration policy which starts with the protection of Dreamers, and a tax policy which is progressive and aims to force the rich and corporations to pay their taxes.

Mark Gamba is less well known. Mark is currently Mayor of Milwaukie, Oregon. Through his term, Mark and the Milwaukie City Council have made Milwaukie city buildings and property into carbon-neutral Green buildings and property. Milwaukie has also developed a City Arts program where local artists’ work is displayed at a City sponsored art gallery.

On the wider issues, Mark is a staunch advocate of Medicare for All, free higher education, a $15 minimum wage, Bernie’s Workplace Democracy Act, measures to reform K-12 education along humane and kid-conscious lines, and preservation and extension of democracy through the “We the People Act.”

More than anything, Mark is a highly educated Climate Change Activist. As such, Mark is a strong proponent of legislation based on the Green New Deal. Mark is also proposing to transform agriculture by aiding and supporting agriculture and small farms which practice environmentally sustainable agriculture.

It is important to recognize that Mark Gamba’s candidacy for the 5th Congressional District is every bit as important as Bernie’s candidacy for President of the United States. If Bernie is elected President, he will need similarly aligned representatives in Congress. Thus, Mark is working with AOC and the organization, “Brand New Congress,” to get Left candidates elected to Congress in 2020. Mark will be challenging incumbent, Kurt Schrader in the 2020 Democratic primary election. DSA encourages all readers to register Democrat and vote for both Mark and Bernie in the June Democratic Primary. We would also welcome your help in getting Bernie and Mark elected to their respective offices.